Call for Participation: Game’n’Train Mixer Online

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*updated with new deadine for applications: January 4th, 2021.

Dear game devs

You might have heard about Game Mixer, a peer learning and exchange program for young professionals from the international games industry organized by Goethe Institut and Stiftung Digitale Spielekultur.

What about it?

Early next year ( February – April 2021), international Game Mixer participants from different regions of the world and cultural backgrounds such as Indonesia, Brazil, South Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa, India and Germany will form an international virtual games studio and collaborate across borders on a joint games project.

Really? Awesome! Can I be part of this?

Yes, you can! If you consider yourself:

  • an apt and capable young professional and aspiring game dev with an open mind and international attitude, or
  • you are a University student enrolled in a game development course,

your application for the program would be much appreciated!

We organizers will compose a group of game devs diverse not only in terms of skill sets.

Alright, so if I am accepted, what is expected of me?

At the start of the program, we’ll all join in an online get together and make each other’s acquaintance. To get everybody onto the same page, we’ll have an online bar camp regarding the motto and overarching theme of the project: Goethe Institut would like to address the topic of digital literacy which has gained a lot of relevance and will continue to do so in the foreseeable future.

The program will then enter a brainstorming phase. Participants will share and pitch their ideas to their fellow participants. Teams will form and start the development process of said pitched projects (approx. two months). Alumni from previous Game Mixers will assume the role of mentors for the projects and provide feedback and guidance. At certain stages, online showcases will allow for mutual playtesting and peer review across development teams. The program will also accommodate opportunities for virtual visits in the participants’ home studios.

The online meetings will usually be held on Wednesdays during the months of February through April except for the occasional Saturday. Since we will have to accommodate several time zones, a certain flexibility in your schedule will be expected of you.

During the 12-week trimester (February – April), you should expect a workload of approximately 100 hours plus participation in the online meetings (bar camp, mentoring etc.).

It goes without saying English will be our common language on the project as well as perhaps some Unity.

Eh, bar camp? Digital literacy?

A Bar camp is usually a 2 to 3-day conference without a fixed agenda. It is an event that thrives on the discussions, presentations and interaction between the participants.

Digital Literacy is about behaving in a fundamentally responsible manner in the digital space, i.e. using digital platforms in a self-determined manner, avoiding undesirable risk, and pursuing interests constructively.

Okay, cool, but what about compensation?

Since you are a professional game dev, of course we are not expecting you to work for free. The project funding from Germany’s State Department allows us to compensate you for your effort. Goethe Institut will offer you a contract with a fixed remuneration for your contribution to the project. We can offer you € 2,000 flat.
You will also receive a certificate of participation to sport in your resume.

Why me, of all people?

Yeah, right. Goethe Institut and Stiftung Digitale Spielekultur are going to assemble the delegation for the program. To be picked, you’ll have to prepare a mini application consisting of a short CV of yourself as well as your studio’s profile and portfolio.

Please compose a PDF of no more than three pages containing the above-mentioned elements. Feel free to include a picture of yourself as well as some screenshots from your game(s). Please also provide links to gameplay videos, trailers or even a playtesting opportunity of your game(s).

Send your application by January 4th, 2021. See contact info below.

Okay, got it. That’s nice and all. But who were you again and how do I know you, exactly?

I’m Benjamin Rostalski, project manager with Games Culture Foundation and veteran organizer of four Game Mixers and a few spin-offs so far. We might have been in touch previously regarding your submissions to Deutscher Computerspielpreis and/or gamescom award.

Anyway, it will be my great privilege to make your (closer) acquaintance soon on the project!

Wait, I got a few more questions!

Feel free to call me or drop me a line.

Benjamin Rostalski | Projektleiter und Referent der Geschäftsführung
Stiftung Digitale Spielekultur gGmbH
Marburger Straße 2 | 10789 Berlin | Germany
T +49 30 29 04 92 92 | M +49 173 48 27 862
E rostalski@stiftung-digitale-spielekultur.de | W www.stiftung-digitale-spielekultur.de
f facebook.com/StiftungDigitaleSpielekultur  | t @Digitale_Spiele

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